Geografico's Values

Our guiding principal, unchanged since our company was founded, is to provide each individual grower the opportunity to achieve a goal collectively which he could not have achieved on his own.

Recently, as part of the continuing process of renewing our business, we have redefined our company mission:

  • Become a solid point of reference for our members in all matters related to winery management, offering them expert support in cultivation, enology, production, logistics, sales and finance.
  • Maintain constant vigilance over these activities to guarantee that consumers enjoy the highest quality finished products.

Arriving at this point has involved painstaking, patient work because as growers, we understand that such projects require a long time to complete.

We understood at once that raising the quality of our wines required us to start with our raw materials: the soil and our region.

Our new path began there, verifying the exact size of our properties and assessing the compatibility of vines with their sites, identifying which varieties were the most suited for each area of production. This evaluation took time, patience and research but the end result has been to provide us with grapes cultivated only using the specific techniques chosen by our vineyard manager and our enologist.